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By pushing for such close ties, the paper may do little to ease the anger of Brexit supporters in May’s Conservative Party, who have described the idea of a combined customs territory as a betrayal of the prime minister’s pledge for a clean break. It did not get a ringing endorsement from U.S. President Donald Trump, who said in Brussels before the white paper’s publication that he was not sure May’s approach was what Britain voted for in the 2016 referendum. In response, May, in Brussels with Trump for a NATO summit, said the proposal was “delivering on the vote of the British people to take back control of our money, our laws and our borders.” Dominic Raab, appointed Brexit minister on Monday after his predecessor quit in protest at the government’s approach, said: “Now, it is time for the EU to respond in kind. “We approach these negotiations with a spirit of pragmatism, compromise and, indeed, friendship, I hope, I trust that the EU will engage with our proposals in the same spirit,” he told parliament, where he was jeered for not giving copies of the document to lawmakers. The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said he would analyze the paper with member states and the European Parliament and repeated the bloc’s offer for an ambitious free trade agreement with “effective cooperation” on issues. “Looking forward to negotiations with the UK next week,” he said on Twitter. With less than nine months before Britain is due to leave the bloc, May has been under pressure from businesses, EU officials and her own lawmakers to spell out her negotiating position to unblock the all-but-stalled Brexit talks. Factbox: Britain wants to stay in EU aviation safety body, to maintain flying rights She thrashed out an agreement at her Chequers country residence on Friday, but that was undermined when two of her leading ministers, and Brexit campaigners, quit their jobs in protest at her plan to keep close trade ties. Her team hopes the publication of the white paper will ease concerns among many Brexit supporters after the resignations of former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and former Brexit negotiator David Davis.

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Sherrill wouldn't vote Pelosi to leadership - New Jersey Globe

Home > Congress >Sherrill wouldn’t vote Pelosi to leadership Democratic congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill Sherrill wouldn’t vote Pelosi to leadership Candidate does not yet have an alternative in mind Congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill announced that she would not vote House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi into a House leadership position if she was elected to fill retiring Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s seat. “I’m glad to see that Paul Ryan decided not to run for reelection, but in the Democratic party, we have to look at ourselves as well,” Sherrill said. “So, I won’t be supporting Nancy Pelosi for leadership either, because we know that the next 50 years aren’t going to look like the last 50 years, and we need a new generation of leaders who are going to bring forward fresh ideas as to how we move this country forward.” The move could be a play to win over liberal Democrats who might be put off by the institutional support Sherrill has received in the race. Pelosi’s brand took a major hit after Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, and though she managed to keep her leadership position, beating out Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan 134 votes to 63, her popularity among younger and more liberal Democrats leaves much to be desired. Since Sherrill’s biggest primary challenge comes from the left, through social worker Tamara Harris, support from otherwise disaffected Democrats could prove valuable come June 5. But, it might be more helpful if Sherrill had picked a torchbearer to replace Pelosi, who has led House Democrats for 15 years. “No, I don’t have an alternative in mind,” Sherrill told the Globe after the event.

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